Parker Jotter

Product Description:

Brand: Parker

Weight: 0.4 oz

Length: 5.15"

Width: 0.5"

Material: Stainless Steel

Price: ~$7 ($11)



This is honestly my second most commonly carried pen. I love the weight of this pen, it feels really solid while writing. It also just looks elegant without trying to hard. Another great feature is the click mechanism which makes a very distinct and solid sound so you know it is in place. There's just something about that pressure and sound that feels right.


The only problem I have with this pen is that the arrow clip feels a bit to small and tight. I definitely want it to stay secure, but I find it difficult to clip onto thicker things like the edge of a pocket. I also tend to like a little bit of texture when writing, but this would completely mess up the design of the pen.

General Thoughts:

I have a gel ink refill in mine because I actually purchased it as a two pack with the stainless steel as well as a normal ballpoint insert in a dual tone body. Lastly, this pen is currently on sale over on Amazon. For about seven dollars you will find it tough to find a better pen. Even when it does go back to normal price its still just over ten dollars so still worth the investment.

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