Pen UNO Raw Aluminum

Today we are taking a look at the Pen UNO Raw Aluminum version by Ensso. I apologize for being a bit late on the post, I looked down and realized it was past 11am already, so here we go.

Product Description:

Brand: Ensso

Length: 142.8mm

Diameter: 5mm - 7mm(Grip Section)

Weight: 0.6g

Point Size: Unknown

Material: Aluminum

Pocket Clip: No

Writing Style: Gel Point

Opening Mechanism: Twist

Refillable: Yes

Additional Features: None

Price: ~$45



The UNO has a very unique feel. First of all, I obviously like metal pens but normally I get ones that are a bit larger and have texture to them. The UNO is thin and smooth. That being said, it is comfortable to hold, and I do not feel like it is going to get out of my hand. While I prefer click mechanisms, I enjoy the twist mechanism because it feels right on this pen. I have to say that my favorite part of this pen is the small point size, I love a small point and this one writes and flows very smoothly with an elegance. Lastly, as has become a must for me over the last couple of years, I pretty much only buy pens that are refillable and the UNO offers a very simple changing system.


While I like the UNO, there are a couple of things that prevent me for carrying it frequently. First and foremost is the absence of a pocket clip. I completely understand that it would completely throw the look and feel of the design but it is still something that affects me. Also, I have noticed that it is incredibly easy to accidentally loosen the tail screw that holds in the ink cartridge.


I wish that I could carry the UNO more often but unfortunate it is mostly relegated to an at home pen due to the lack of a pocket clip. That being said, it is still a really nice pen and feels classy in your hand.


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