ReyLight Pineapple Brass AA

Today I have another flashlight for us to look at. I have had the Pineapple for a little while now but have carried it less than I would have liked just do to it being brass. Obviously, I like brass but I tend to only carry it when everything is brass which is less often.

Product Description:

Brand: ReyLight

Length: 98 mm (3.8“)

Head Diameter: 21 mm (0.8“)

Body Diameter: 21 mm (0.8“)

Weight: 93 g (3.3 oz)

Material: Brass

Waterproof: Unknown

Impact Resistance: Unknown

Modes: 4*

Control: Tail Click

Light Source: 400K Nichia 219C High CRI

Power Source: 1x AA/14500

Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector

Pocket Clip: Yes, Bezel Down

Additional Features:

Price: ~$50



I appreciate that the Pineapple is run off of a AA battery meaning that there is almost always a spare available, plus I use rechargeable batteries anyways. This is just a nice aspect as I never really worry about running out of juice. I also really like the controls on this light. First, the tail button is recessed and metal which helps to prevent accidental activation in your pocket. Also, once you turn the light on it only takes a slight push on the button to change modes. Obviously, you can just completely press the button twice to cycle as I find myself doing frequently, but there is this easier option. I think that my largest draw to this light is its construction, I like the brass but it is really how solid the light feels in your hand. It just feels comfortable and reliable. Lastly, the clip is nice and deep, there is a little bit of the rear end that sticks out of your pocket but this helps you secure it when you go to deploy your light.


I only really have a couple of small nit-picky gripes about the Pineapple. First, I wish that the body was just a hair longer, this would give my hand a little bit more to grab onto but even without that, I can still get a comfortable grip. I also would have liked the lumen output to be a bit higher. I know that battery type plays a big role in this but with lights getting brighter and more efficient every-time I turn around it would have been nice to get a bit more out of this light.


I enjoy carrying this light. As I said, I have not been carrying it quite as much as I would have liked mostly due to attempting to coordinate my brass carry but also just the number of flashlights that I have been rotating the past couple of months. I will be honest at $50 it does feel somewhat expensive but not outrageous. I think for me that is just not liking to spend that much on a flashlight but the quality is there so I can see the reason. I would say that if you keep your eye out you might be able to find it cheaper as I did on Drop.

*Output and Run-times are according to a AA battery.*


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