SdeNow Mini Flashlight

This flashlight was actually the first externally rechargeable standard sized flashlight that I picked up. That may seem like quite a few qualifiers but it really isn't to terrible. You can recharge this light without taking out the battery. While I did already have a few lights with this capability they are all key-chain lights. Also of note is the fact that this light takes heavy inspiration from many other modern lights from competitors such as Olight and Fenix without being a complete clone. Most of these designs will also be covered below. Because this is not a known manufacturer I have a incomplete information so those areas will be noted but I will try to do my best to fill in the gaps.

Product Description:

Brand: SdeNow

Length: 71.12 mm (2.8")

Head Diameter: 20.32 mm (0.8")

Body Diameter: 20.32 mm (0.8")

Weight: 48 g (1.9 oz)

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Waterproof: IPX8

Impact Resistance: Unknown

Modes: 5, Low (100 Lm/ 5 hr), Medium (250 Lm/ 2.5 hr), High (500 Lm/ 1 hr), Step-less Dimming, Strobe

Control: Side Switch

Light Source: XPL V6 LED

Power Source: 16340 or CR123A

Pocket Clip: Yes

Additional Features: Magnetic Base, Rechargeable Battery Port, Lanyard Point

Price: ~$25



First and foremost, the biggest plus is that this light is rechargeable. While it is definitely more convenient to charge through a magnetic base like some other lights I will take the side port if it means I don't have to remove the battery. I have also gotten used to the presence of a side switch, I did not expect to like it but after testing out quite a few that have this configuration with a magnetic base I have come to appreciate the design. That being said, if it did not have the magnetic base I would find the side switch pointless. I was honestly worried about the pocket clip, it looks pretty deep with only a small portion of the light above, but it looks loose. However, I have had very few problems with it getting caught on other items and coming loose. Even compared to some of the clips on other lights that I would expect to be more secure, this one has held up. For the most part I like the UI, I have grown increasingly fond of having to hold down the light to first activate it then cycling through the modes with a button press.


My biggest complaint about this light is that I don't feel 100% confident in everything that is listed. I hope that the output and run-times are accurate as well as the water rating but it took me a while to find it on a chart which does not give me the greatest of confidence. Overall, the light could definitely be a little bit more comfortable in the hand, but it is certainly not to tough to hold, just some of the edges and hard points create hotspots.


Overall, this light is definitely a budget friendly flashlight. You are getting something comparable to the features of a lot of the mainstream EDC flashlights at a very affordable price point. The main trade off is that you may not be getting exactly what it says. I do also want to stress that I don't have any evidence of misinformation, and I certainly hope that that is not the case. I just wish that they did a better job of communicating the lights attributes. I want to include here that it might have a one meter drop rating based on a chart I saw but this was not clearly marked.


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