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Today we are going to look at one of the few key organizers that I own, I backed to Slughaus Mircro on Kickstarter and even featured the campaign here, while I like my Keysmart Rugged I wanted to test out the new product. For my main keys I have switched to the Micro for a couple of weeks and am still trying to see how well I like it. In the meantime, I have found a good use for one of the Micros in organizing a couple of keys that I very rarely use but like to have readily available. This is also one of the two posts I will be putting out while I am on a business trip so yay for that.

Product Description:

Brand: Slughaus

Material: Stainless Steel

Diameter: 10mm

Weight: 1.9g

Includes: 3 Male Screws, 3 Female Screws, 12 Spacers, 3 Extenders, 1 Multi-tool

Keys: Fits 2-10 Keys

Price: $18



As advertised, the Micro is extremely compact and minimal. It functions in a very similar way to a lot of DIY solutions that utilized a central bolt to pivot around. There are some features that I like aside from just how small the Micro is, though that is a plus. The aesthetics of the Micro are also very nice and pleasing to the eye. Slughaus works very hard to make sure that their items are minimal and attractive. I like the small multi-tool that comes in the pack. This gives you an easy way to carry your keys as well as access to a bottle opener. In addition, the bolt keeps all of your keys in a very secure and level alignment so that they never clump awkwardly. Lastly, the ability to expand the system is very useful, personally, I have tried to minimize my personal keys as much as possible so I do not need a ten key capacity, but some people might.


I will say that two keys are a bit of a problem. On my second set of keys, I keep just two keys along with the multi-tool and even using several spacers, the screws just don't seem to tighten quite enough to keep everything how it should be. This isn't terrible, just something to consider. I have had some trouble keeping the bolt tight enough to keep the keys stiff. First, it is somewhat difficult to tighten the bolt due to how shallow the groove is. So after getting it tightened down, I would expect it to maintain its friction better than it does. While the bolt has never come loose to the point of falling apart, I like my keys very tight so that they do not swing around. The only other thing I want to point out here is that you will have to figure out a way to carry the Micro. I am used to a pocket clip due to my Keysmart Rugged so it took me a bit to figure out a satisfying system. I suspend my Micro from a Griffin Pocket Tool but you could always carry it loose if that's your style.


Overall, I really like the design, there are definitely a few flaws but the only one that really bothers me is the quickness with which it works itself loose. I am still giving it a little bit more time and will more than likely swap it in and out every once in a while.


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