Slughaus NanoPen

Product Description:

Brand: Slughaus

Length: 57mm

Weight: 4.5 grams

Material: Aluminum

Pocket Clip: No

Writing Style: Tungsten Ballpoint

Opening Mechanism: Screw Cap

Refillable: No

Additional Features: Key Ring

Price: ~$20 (pack of three)



The NanoPen is incredibly portable and EDC friendly, you can stick it on a key-chain, put it in a pocket, clip it to a zipper, or store it nearly any other way. It is very easy to disperse one of these packs around you so that you will always have access to a quick pen. The inclusion of a key-ring helps you to easily store these pens. The ballpoint pen flows really well and leaves good lines as long as you have the right amount of pressure on the paper. I also like the Aluminum body. There is one downside to this that I will cover later but overall it gives the pen a very sturdy feel.


The biggest issue I have is that due to the small nature of this pen and how slick the aluminum is it can make it very difficult to get a really good grip while writing. This means it takes a little extra effort to get down a good solid line on your paper. The only other thing that I dislike is that this is not a refillable pen. I understand that Slughaus wanted to create a seamless and durable design, which they accomplished, but I think that I have just gotten used to being able to swap out pen refills.


Like I mentioned earlier, these pens are great to be able to store around yourself. This makes them great as a sort of backup pen especially considering that I prefer to have something more substantial in my hands for more constant usage. That being said, I think that $20 feels a little high even for three, but I do not think it is completely out of the ball park for these pens.


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