Stanley 24oz Cook Set

Height: 11.6"


Capacity: 24oz

Material: Stainless Steel

Price: ~$15



The stainless steel pot makes an incredible little cook pot for backpacking and camp cooking. It does of course come with two 10oz nesting insulated BPA free plastic cups, but I don't carry them while backpacking. The next time I go car camping I might bring them just to see if they are useful in those situations. I love that I can nest this pot into another traditional style metal camp cup so that I have flexibility and can cook using either pot. I love that it has measurements so that you can easily tell where your water line is at. In addition, for people that use the small 7.4oz tanks, one can be carried in the pot.


There are a few less than perfect qualities of this pot. The first is that you will probably want to remove the plastic tab if you are going to be cooking using a large flame. I switched mine out with a key ring that I hook using my spork. The other issue I have is kind of a double edged sword. I have noticed that because of how tall the pot is it can be hard to cook your food evenly. However, if it were shorter it would naturally have to be wider to accommodate the same volume which would get in the way of some of the other benefits so I accepted this aspect.

General Thoughts:

A ton of people have done reviews on this set and how it makes a great cook kit for backpacking especially and I definitely have to agree. I know that i could always upgrade to a titanium pot but it isn't worth it to me as I'm no thru hiking so the tiny bit of extra weight this adds doesn't hurt much. I will also include a full rundown of my cook kit soon so look forward to that.

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