StatGear Ausus All Black

Product Description:

Brand: StatGear

Weight: 5.5oz

Length Open: 8.25"

Length Closed: 4.5"

Thickness: .5"

Blade Material: D2 Steel

Handle Material: Micarta

Opening: Manual

Pocket Clip: Yes, Deep Carry

Locking: Yes, Liner Lock.

Lanyard Hole: Yes

Price: ~$50



This knife is definitely affordable at $50. This may not be a super high end folding knife with all of the bells and whistles but it certainly isn't some dirt cheap knife that is going to break right away. For the price you pay you get a very solid knife that is going to hold up against most tasks. I love the deep pocket clip as I do on any knife. The blade is also well suited for one handed opening due to it's two over sized thumb studs as well as the smoothness of the bearing. The weight feels great in my hand, I tend to prefer items with a bit of a heft but not over-sized so that I can feel steady when using it.


The handle could use a little bit more texturing but nothing excessive. The pocket clip is almost perfect but it does occasionally get in the way of your fingers/grip when opening the blade. It also has bent a little upwards after months of carrying in my pocket.

General Thoughts:

I really like this knife. I have been carrying it since I backed it on Kicstarter last year, so over the past nine months or so It has been in my pocket on average four to five days a week. It has definitely become my default knife for good reason. Some people prefer assisted openings knives but for me as long as the bearing is smooth and there is a good place for your thumb I prefer manual opening knives. For those of you who don't prefer an all black knife there are a couple different variants to choose from as well as a Kydex sheath for those who don't like to carry a knife in your pocket. Overall this is one of the easiest recommendations I can make.


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