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StatGear has just launched a new campaign over on Kickstarter for their new Ledge pocket knife. I wanted to take some time to cover it as I have been satisfied by my experiences with the company so far and have expressed my interest in crowdfunding multiple times. You will also notice that this is posted a day earlier than my regularly scheduled post. I am doing this so that the information gets out to everyone as soon as possible as the first pledge level is only available in the first 24 hours (ending 2/6/19).

StatGear has been around for nearly a decade operating out of New York and has spent that time developing tools for the rescue, survival, and EDC industries and communities. They have designed items such as knives, camera gear, first aid supplies, emergency escape tools, as seemingly everything in between. Over at StatGear, they have embraced the Kickstart platform which has enabled them to test out new ideas and build a large and loyal supporter base that has been there for over a dozen successful campaigns. One of those campaigns, the Ausus, is how I first became familiar with the company. After falling in love with that knife I have since backed another campaign as well as picked up a few more items at the end of last year. So far I have been thoroughly pleased by not only the products themselves but also the few interactions that I have had with the company.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at the new Ledge.

The Ledge launched 2/5/19 and will end 3/7/19. It has a funding goal of $10,000 and as of this writing has over a hundred fifty backers pledging over $6,000. There are currently four pledge levels, a flash sale, a normal single level, an early bird double pack, and a normal multi-pack. Now that you know the Kickstarter details lets cover the actual knife.

The blade is 2.5" long and 0.05" wide modified sheepsfoot made out of D2 Steel with a flat grind. This steel should make it an effective tool for lighter duty tasks while maintaining a good sharp edge. When your edge does start to dull D2 is also very easy to sharpen without completely altering the blade. The blade features a stonewashed finish and is heat treated to an HRC of 59-61, making the blade durable and resistant to the elements.

A slip-joint mechanism holds the blade in place. This mechanism has been around for centuries and should be just enough to keep the blade secure during the tasks you throw at it.

The handle is made out of G10 Scales with a light texture and finger groove. At 3.6" long, and with a total width of 0.28" thick you should be able to get at least a good three finger grip and potentially more depending on your hand size. The handle also features a reversible tip-up pocket clip that should satisfy most people. Lastly, you do have three options for a color scheme. The majority of the body is black in all three cases, but the accent lines can be either red, brown, or black.

StatGear definitely designed the Ledge as a modern approach to the gentleman's knife. Due to the smaller size and non-locking feature, it may not be suitable for every job you may encounter in your day, but when you have need of a classier approach the Ledge will fit nicely in your pocket. These features also help ensure that the Ledge is legal to carry in most areas. This is a great design for people living in areas with more restricting knife laws like the UK and might be a perfect fit for people who want to carry a blade but do not need something with quite the size and bulk of a three-plus inch knife. As I said, this knife might not be what I carry every day, but once it arrives it will definitely find its way into some of my rotation.

Check out the campaign here.

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