Steel Will Cutjack

So this is another one of those knives that I wanted to try out but was pretty hesitant to actually pick up. I had heard plenty of positives about the Cutjack but I just didn't know about the design and the FRN handles. I obviously did eventually pick one up so that I could see what it had to offer. Specifically, this is the C22M-1BL version of the Cutjack which means that it is the shorter blue FRN/D2 option. I kind of wish I had picked up the 3.5" version but I ended up going the shorter route.

Product Description:

Brand: Steel Will

Blade Length: 76.2 mm (3")

Closed Length: 101.6 mm (4")

Overall Length: 177.8 mm (7")

Weight: 81.93 g (2.89 oz)

Blade Thickness: 3 mm (0.12")

Blade Material: D2

Handle Material: FRN

Grind: High Flat

Blade Design: Drop Point

Locking: Yes, Liner-Lock

Opening Mechanism: Flipper

Pocket Clip: Yes, Tip-Down Two Sides

Additional Features: Lanyard Hole, Large Finger Choil

Price: ~$39



I want to start off with my favorite part of this knife, the blade ergonomics. The thumb ramp and finger choil make the Cutjack incredibly comfortable to use and hold. I have found small detail work to be a breeze because of how well I can get into the work. Because of this I also think that the 3" size makes it even easier to use it to its fullest. Another big plus for me is the use of D2, once again there are obviously better steels out there but I find it makes a great option for a more budget friendly knife without sacrificing too much in most areas. I also like that the Cutjack line of knives offers a little bit of variety so you can definitely stick with the more budget friendly version or dress it up with G10 and M390 on a larger blade.


I do have a few gripes about the Cutjack but nothing to major for the most part. One of the biggest problems I have is the use of FRN, I understand that some people like it and it can easily help keep costs down, but I just don't enjoy how it feels. Another small issue is that the flipper feels a bit sluggish sometimes. I do not have a ton of problems with it but it could definitely be faster. Part of this is also the fact that the flipper tab is somewhat uncomfortable as it is rather pointy. Lastly, he blade did come with some small nicks along the edge, nothing that can't be touched up but its always disappointing when there are flaws right out of the gate.


I definitely wish I had the larger version of this knife. While I think the mini version is a great offering I just wish I had went with the black 3.5" FRN version as it theoretically wouldn't have increased the cost significantly but I suppose I didn't think it through all the way.


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