Swiss Tech Micro Wrench

Product Description:

Brand: Swiss Tech

Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 74 mm (2 13/16“)

Width: 24 mm (5/16 “)

Thickness: 3 mm (2/16“)

Weight: 17 g (0.6 oz)

Tools: Ten wrench sizes (two spoke wrenches), Nail Puller, Pry bar, Metric Ruler, Hex Driver, Bottle Opener, Flathead Driver.

Additional Features: key-ring notch

Price ~$5



The Micro Wrench is a very compact tool that offers a variety of functions without over-complicating its design. One simple feature that I really like is that it incorporates a small notch at the back of the larges hex wrench slot, this makes it easy to hang from a lanyard or key-ring. For some people the inclusion of two spoke wrenches will be very helpful. I personally have not ridden a bike in the past several years but it does me no harm by simply being there. It is also a really nice feature that such a small frame can accommodate a 14 mm wrench.


My only real complaint about this tool is that due to the thin frame and questionable ergonomics, the Micro Wrench can be somewhat difficult to grip in certain cases. This is going to be most noticeable when utilizing the wrenches, as your hand will also need to be very close to the object that you intend to move. I also think that they could have included an Imperial ruler on the opposite side. I tend to not like rulers that small and understand that they wanted their branding exclusively on that side, it just would have been a nice touch that might have helped someone.


Overall, the Micro Wrench is a solid little tool that you can easily hang on your keys. This is a great option for people who run into situations requiring light wrenching regularly


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