Tactile Turn Bolt Action Knife

Hello everyone, I hope things are going well, today I am taking a look at the Bolt Action Knife by Tactile Turn. It is a different approach to a knife and definitely takes some getting used to. Unfortunately, Tactile Turn no longer has these tools listed on their website, they were a few weeks ago. Hopefully, at this time they are just working on a redesign just like some of their other pens.

Product Description:

Brand: Tactile Turn

Blade Length: 25 mm (1“)

Closed Length: 137 mm (5.4“)

Overall Length: 162 mm (6.4“)

Weight: 85 g (3 oz)

Blade Thickness: (0.07“)

Blade Material: D2

Handle Material: Brass

Grind: Chisel Grind

Blade Design: Tanto

Locking: Yes

Opening Mechanism: Bolt Action

Pocket Clip: Yes

Additional Features: N/A

Price: ~$99



Pros: The BAK is a unique design that offers a different approach than most people are going to be familiar with but that just gives you more to fiddle with. The bolt action mechanism is fun to play with, obviously, this is a knife so be careful but when using it that just adds a layer. The new spring that was replaced also adds almost too much resistance, but I would much rather it be tough than weak when it comes to securing a blade. Just like the Bolt Action Pen, this knife has a phenomenal build quality, there was one small issue with the spring but after contacting and returning the knife it was quickly remedied. I want to make sure that I point that out because customer service is such a big draw for me. While the blade is relatively small, it gives you enough surface area to get most tasks done especially small jobs around the house or office. This combined with the long handle makes the BAK a fantastic craft knife on steroids. Lastly, the clip is very sturdy and secures the BAK in the pocket without me having to worry about it coming loose.


There is one change that I would really like to make to the design of the BAK. For starters, this does not really alter how well the knife performs it would just make it slightly more comfortable for me. I would like the clip to be placed on the other side of the body and the knife blade itself to be rotated. Essentially, right now when I pull it out of my pocket my thumb is on the opposite side of the bolt. When I engage the mechanism the knife edge is facing my thumb so I have to rotate it. Switching everything around as I mentioned would alleviate both of these problems. The only other thing that I want to point out is that you just need to be aware of how short the blade is. It sticks out an inch past the body and feels more like a craft or utility knife. That being said, it is not fragile and the D2 is sturdy enough for continued use but sharpening that small of an area proves to be challenging. There are replacement blades offered but I am unsure what the true status is due to the removal of the knives from the website.


Overall, this knife is incredibly sturdy and I have found a place for it in my rotation. Of course, not everyone is going to find the BAK to be a good fit due to the design as well as the price tag, even if the design is updated it will probably still be around the same price. I understand that and am thankful that I picked it up on Kickstarter when it launched and also that I prefer brass as it is often slightly less expensive. I wish that it was even an option for you to buy at this point but hopefully that will change in the future.


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