Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen

Hello all, its been a while. I have been working on the website the past couple of weeks and that has been an experience. Obviously, if you are here then you know that I re-branded and moved everything to a new site. I am really excited about that hopefully it will help motivate me to do more. Anyways, I'm glad to be here and today I am looking at the Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen. This Summer they redesigned their Bolt Action line and changed the name. I had held off on picking an older model due to the redesign. Unfortunately, the brass option was discontinued but I was happy to go with Titanium instead.

Product Description:

Brand: Tactile Turn

Length: 14.2 cm (5.6“)

Body Diameter: 11 mm (0.43“)

Weight: 37 g (1.3oz)

Point Size: Varies

Material: Titanium

Pocket Clip: Yes

Writing Style: Varies

Opening Mechanism: Bolt Action

Refillable: Yes

Additional Features: N/A

Price: ~$100




So first and foremost, this pen is amazing to play with, I know that a pen needs more than that but I have to lead with that. I find myself constantly fidgeting with the bolt action whenever it's in my hand, which is why I try to keep it put up when not in use. The pen feels great in my hand. I like a little bit of material hanging out of my hand when writing, but other people might prefer the shorter option. As for the weight, obviously this is only specific to this titanium version but it feels good. I think it could be a bit heavier and slightly more comfortable to write with but that margin is probably very thin. I tend to prefer click pens in most cases but I have gotten used to the bolt and it is very easy to engage and disengage. Next, I like the clip, it keeps the pen secure and discreet while also making sure that you have easy access. I have honestly been carrying this pen in between the buttons on my polo and it just sort of hides in plain sight. Lastly, I did have a problem with the original insert that was included. That will be covered below, but ultimately it is nice to have a variety of ink refills to choose from. I never would have thought about that until getting into EDC but now I don't buy normal disposable pens.


My first problem was that the ink cartridge that the came with the pen was faulty, I don't blame Tactile Turn because it is not technically their product and it could easily happen to anyone. After swapping out a new cartridge it writes like a dream. I also have found that occasionally the texture of the body and tip makes it slightly difficult to remove the tip. This is only a potential issue when changing the ink so I don't worry about it. The only other thing that I want to point out is that I have occasionally caught my finger on the cut out that the bolt travels on. I have not cut myself but it just sort of snags my thumb when moving the bolt partially due to how sharp the edge is. Just something to keep in mind.


In all seriousness, this has been a really solid pen and I think it will probably take the place of my Zebra F-701 as my default pen. It feels great in my hand and writes incredibly smooth. Overall, this pen is very smooth and looks classy while still wanting to work. Yes, this is a pen so it shouldn't see ridiculously hard use but I like knowing it is going to be durable and should be an heirloom piece as Tactile Turn intends.


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