TEC Accessories Ti-Pry Pocket Edition

Pry Bars have been a much more common item in my carry as of late. I never really figured that I would find a ton of use for it but wanted to give it a try. Well I was wrong, I have been using pry bars frequently as flat head drivers. Obviously I could carry a small driver but these pry bars have been very handy. They primarily serve this purpose but have also been handy when I have needed to pry a couple of things around the house or at home.

Product Description:

Brand: TEC Accessories

Length: 104 mm (4 1/16“)

Width: 12 mm (3/8“)

Thickness: 6 mm (1/4“)

Weight: 27 g (1oz)

Material: Titanium

Pocket Clip: Yes

Additional Features: Tungsten Carbide Glass Breaker

Price: ~$47




The biggest advantage this pry bar has for me is the incorporation of a pocket clip. I like not having to just stick it in a pocket and having it just sit there. Because I have been carrying several different pry-bars lately I can definitely say that I like the length on this tool as opposed to some of the smaller options. That extra length enables you to put a pocket clip on this and it also gives you far more leverage when it comes to actually utilizing it for its intended purpose. Another really nice thing that TEC Accessories did here was design the bar so that there are finger notches for your thumb and index finger. This makes the Ti-Pry more comfortable as it feels exactly as you would want it to. The last thing that I want to point out is that the glass breaker is a nice addition in certain aspects. It is nice to have that option when needed but there is a downside that will point out below.


I actually only have one big complaint and that is the placement of the glass breaker. Depending on your hand size it can dig in on the palm of your hand. Despite how comfortable TEC Accessories tried to make this pry-bar this one aspect really messes with that.


Other than that small problem this is a really solid pry bar. It gives me great leverage and utility. The Ti-Pry is probably one of my top pics when it comes to pry-bars. This is definitely a great option for those of you looking to integrate a pry bar into your EDC. It gives you a very useful tool that is incredibly pocket-able.


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