The EverRatchet Clip

Well, I hope everyone had a good holiday break with family and successfully navigated the craziness of the Black Friday weekend. I know I kept my purchases to a minimum so it was pretty successful for myself. In the meantime, you may not believe it but I actually have another crowdfunding campaign to check out today. However, this time we are venturing back over to Indiegogo for our adventure.

Just before Thanksgiving, I noticed that Gear Infusion (maker or the EverRatchet) launched a new campaign in support of an updated design, the EverRatchet Clip. I would have preferred to get this out there at that time, however, I already had plans for last week and thus here we are today. Gear Infusion has successfully run several crowdfunding campaigns over the past three years and produces a selection of gear from bottle openers, to key organizers, to pocket tools. Now they are back with their new EverRatchet Clip that features a few well-placed updates on their flagship product.

The EverRatchet Clip features the same tools as its predecessor such as a pry tip, static hex drivers, ruler, and wire stripper to name just a few. However, there are a couple of tools that have been upgraded to improve the quality. The bottle opener, ever-present, has been modified with a wider angle allowing you to more easily seat the opener on bottle caps. The ratcheting mechanism has also been updated, which is exciting. Gear Infusion is currently only offering Grade 5 Titanium rather than stainless steel. This upgrade has increased the maximum torque to 25 lbs. The even better update is that the bit opening for the ratchet has been redesigned and now provides a much tighter fit. Your bit should be able to comfortably stay in its place during adjustments. The next adjustment is that the bit storage slot no longer requires o-rings. The ratchet beam pairs with a set of catches to ensure that there is just enough compressing force to keep your bit securely in place without making it too difficult to retrieve. I did not hate the o-rings but I think that this was a very smart and practical change that will make using the EverRatchet Clip that much more convenient. Lastly, we have the most significant change to the design. As the name implies, the EverRatchet Clip features an integrated clip that expands the carrying capability of this tool. Now you can easily hook it onto your pocket or belt loop, while still having access to attachment points for a key-ring. Gear Infusion designed the clip to feature a no pass channel meaning that you can attach most standard-sized key-rings to the back of the tool and they will be too thick to slip through the opening. If you do decide to try this just make sure that your pairing will work correctly. At 2.4" long, 0.75" wide, 0.2" thick and a mere 0.58oz, the EverRatchet Clip is a very small and compact pocket tool that packs a wide variety of tools into its minimal frame.

If you are interested in this tool be sure to go check out their IndieGoGo campaign here. At the time of this post, there are currently 25 days left until the campaign ends on December 28th. Unsurprisingly, the project was completely funded in 7 hours and currently sits at just under $20,000 raised by nearly 500 people. If you do want to pick up one of these tools I highly suggest jumping in now as the price for a single EverRatchet Clip is $22, 40% off the eventual retail price of $37. All pledge levels are 40% off of the eventual retail and you can choose packs of 1 through 6 and packs of 10. If you would like to check out any of their other products you can click the banner below.


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