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I have another interesting Kickstarter to feature today. As should be rather clear by now, I like EDC utility knives. I find them very interesting and practical in my life so they have become a very common carry. Because of that and my interest in the Kickstarter platform I am always on the look out for another cool project to display here so when I noticed this next product I decided to let you know about it.

John over at MPF Designs recently launched the EMT-The EveryMan Tool on Kickstarter in the middle of February with a goal of $7,500 in order to complete the fulfillment of his two year journey towards this product. Like many EDC utility knives the EMT is designed so as to offer quick access to a blade without adding significant bulk to your pockets, while at the same time aiming for a comfortable and usable grip. To accomplish this the EMT features several grooves along the top and bottom for your fingers to fill as well as a wide frame that will keep it from digging into your hands. In order to deploy or change the blade the EMT utilizes a bush button with integrated magnets. This is combined with a spring/tension bar on the back of the body which ensures the blade is locked into place and secure. Aside from the blade itself, the EMT errs on the side of simplicity and does not pack 15 tools into a frame so small they are all useless. The rear of the body features a lanyard/key-ring slot as well as a flat-head driver/pry bar. Under the blade there is a small 3x11 slot for Tritium, which should appeal to some people. Lastly, at the upper front end in front of the blade, there is a small bottle opener that also doubles as a 6mm hex driver.

The EMT comes in either Grade 5 Titanium or a stone washed Aluminum meaning that you have a couple of options to choose from with a couple of options on the bead.

At the time of this writing there are 17 days to go with a total of almost $12,000 raised by over 200 backers. So far, the first two stretch goals have been met, meaning pocket clips, and more color options are being offered. The next goal is $15,000 for custom engravings. MPF Designs plans to fulfill orders at the beginning of Summer once all production and assembly is completed.

Check out the EMT-EveryMan Tool here.


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