The SwissQlip

It has been a while since I've posted, the start of this year has been a bit hectic but I'm back. I have been carrying a Victorinox Tinker for a couple of months now thanks to the arrival of my SwissQlip from Clip & Carry. I have always liked the idea of Swiss Army Knives but never found myself carrying one consistently due to the form factor and lack of a pocket clip. However, now that I have this accessory I have been carrying one primarily as a backup blade as well as a pocket tool. This has actually allowed me to replace a couple of items that I tend to carry and occasionally minimize almost all of my carry into one item. This is largely due to the SAK itself but without the clip, I would not feel comfortable carrying it as much.

When it comes to the SwissQlip it is a pretty simple design. The small frame attaches using the key-ring attachment point and nestles up to the front scale of the SAK. The position and design mean that you still have access to all of your tools, the bottle opener, and secondary blade are still accessible and usable despite being on the same side as the clip. The only tool that is a hassle is the tweezers, but you can easily use the toothpick to pop them out. Clip & Carry designed the clip to offer enough space so that it can comfortably ride deep in your pocket. Most of the time this works, however, I have noticed that my pants pocket will occasionally catch and requires a little bit of finagling to properly seat the clip. I will also admit that I had a bit of a difficult time getting the mounting screw to properly secure at first as it kept wanting to come loose. However, over the past month and a half of use, this has not been a problem. I will chalk that one up to user error at first. Lastly, I have noticed that the coating on one side has been rubbing off. I tend to keep this SAK and my flashlight in the same pocket so it makes sense that the contact has been causing problems. This isn't a major problem for me, but if you get the coated clip you are probably going to want it to stay that way.

For me, this was a solid addition and a smart choice. Luckily I backed the Kickstarter that I covered previously but even at $25, it is probably still a good buy, especially if you have been wanting to carry a SAK like most pocket knives nowadays. I have been interested in some of the custom makers that tend to include pocket clips with redesigned scales but can't bring myself to drop that kind of money on something that isn't my favorite knife. If this does interest you, you can pick up your own right here. A word of warning, this clip is designed to fit Victorinox 91mm models with the standard plastic scales. Make sure that if you plan to pick one up it will actually fit your model.


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