The SwissQlip by StatGear

Today I am excited to bring a new crowdfunding campaign to your attention. I have featured StatGear multiple times on this site including their previous campaign the Ledge. Once again, they have looked to fill a need in the EDC community that plagues many people, how to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army knife. StatGear took their experience and came up with an easy to install solution, the SwissQlip. Along with the introduction of this new product, they are also launching Clip & Carry, a new brand to better facilitate this expansion.

StatGear started in 2010 in New York with a focus on creating products for the Survival, Rescue, and EDC worlds. They have since introduced numerous products aimed at filling small needs within those communities ranging from task designed glass breakers to various knives, to pocket-friendly tools. Over the course of their history, StatGear has relied upon crowdfunding numerous times and has successfully completed over a dozen campaigns across both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the two most popular platforms. As I mentioned above, StatGear is also launching a new brand called Clip & Carry with this new product. This should help to expand their line after the completion of the SwissQlip campaign.

I personally have been able to jump on several of their campaigns as well as pick up a few products after the fact. I have said it before and I will continue to point it out until it is not true, I have continued to be satisfied with my experience. All of my interactions have been positive which continues to leave a good impression. My first experience with the company the Ausus, is still one of my favorite knives and makes its way into my carry quite frequently. Now that I've covered all of that, let's look at why we are actually here, the SwissQlip.

Simply put, the SwissQlip is an aftermarket clip that can be attached to 91 mm Victorinox models. The clip is a made out of Stainless Steel and measures in at a length of 1.8" for the clip itself and 2.6" for the full assembly. At the widest point, it is 0.9" wide and narrows to 0.6" for the clip itself. Lastly, the top of the assembly has a depth of 0.6" and the total piece weighs in at a mere 0.2 oz. With that out of the way, you may be asking yourself what the point of this is. Well, as I mentioned earlier StatGear has a history of trying to find solutions for relatively simple problems. How do you carry a Swiss Army knife? Frankly, there are plenty of options for a Victorinox, you can carry it in a sheath on your belt, hang it from your keys, slip it in an organizer, or let it float in your pocket. If you are like me, none of those options are really appealing. While I appreciate what a Swiss Army knife is, and understand their usefulness, I rarely carry one because they just aren't comfortable for the most part. I don't like items on my belt unless I am camping; anything larger than a Classic and my keys get way to heavy. I also don't like carrying organizers for the most part, and I certainly hate items just sitting at the bottom of my pocket. I have mentioned it before, if my tinker had a pocket clip, I would be far more likely to carry it. Well, here we go. With the SwissQlip you use the existing key-ring hole to mount your new clip. A small torx screw secures the clip to the knife without any modification and still leaves access to your tweezers and toothpick. Best of all is that Clip & Carry is including a torx wrench with every clip so you know that you have the correct tool. This clip means that you can easily carry an already outstanding multi-tool in a much easier fashion. Now you will be able to quickly retrieve your favorite 91 mm Victorinox straight from your pocket rather than fumbling through other gear trying to secure it. The SwissQlip will help the knife to just stick over the edge of your pocket allowing for quick access while still keeping the knife secure and protected.

Now, you may be thinking, what about models besides the 91 mm options. Unfortunately, at the moment, the 91 mm version is the only model being offered. That being said, Clip & Carry has stated that they hope to expand into the different sizes after getting their feet under them with this campaign. Currently, many of the most popular Victorinox models are at the 91 mm mark so they decided to start here and expand afterward. This should also help to ensure that the campaign runs smoothly as they are not trying to manufacture several different size variations which inevitably creates delays when a new product first launches.

The SwissQlip was funded in under 24 hours with the help of over 200 people. Clip & Carry is offering rewards levels of single, double and penta packs with both engraved and non-engraved options. You also have the option between a Classic Chrome and Matte Black color scheme. Lastly, the SwissQlip currently has an estimated shipping date of November 2019 which means that it could be a great stocking stuffer for someone looking to carry a Victorinox.

I linked the campaign at the beginning but you can also check it out here, as well as StatGear's website here for the rest of their incredible products. As for me, I really look forward to trying it out so that I can really put my Swiss Army Knvies to good use.


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