Thorfire Mini Flashlight PF01

Product Description:

Brand: Thorfire

Weight: 1.5 oz

Length: 4 1/4"

Width: 5/8"

Modes: 3 (Max, Medium, Moonlight)

Power: 1x AAA

Source: XPE2

Button: Proud

Pocket Clip: Yes

Lanyard Hole: No

Focus: No

Price: ~$11.50



This light is a very compact size without sacrificing too much on the power. The grip feels good with the texture that covers the majority of the body.


I hate proud buttons, they hit things and I always feel like they are needlessly flimsy. This flashlight has a very exposed and proud button that is one of the worst features of this light, it actually sticks out nearly a fourth of an inch.

General Thoughts:

Definitely pay attention to the reviews you see as the information on Amazon is outdated. For those of you who like a beveled edge this does include one. It is pretty small and shallow but it is present.

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