Throw Back Thursday

This was the first picture I ever took in order to showcase my EDC. It's a little crazy to think about how it has evolved since then and how my thinking has changed. Lets take look at compare it to my EDC now.

Starting on the top left corner, I had a can of Altoids. I keep a large can at my work desk and only carry a few in a small tin in my bag so that they don't rattle around as much. Next we have a set of earphones which I still carry a version of if not the same pair. I don't really use them that often but I like having them available. The next few items were carried in my wallet or actually were my wallet. I had a small wallet multi-tool that was pretty much never used just like the knife beside it. I also later switched from that Nite Ize wallet to a few different wallets that you can read about here. I did occasionally use that small little flash-drive but considering the fact that there are two other flash-drives in this picture, it wasn't super often. Currently all four of those items are sitting in the small bin on my shelves along with the rest of my wallets and appropriate tools.

Lets move down the left side. The larges item in this section is a leather portfolio which I still carry every day. It doesn't get used everyday but I would say at least once or twice a week. Resting on top of this are several items including my key set up. My keys were stored in a generic little key organizer with a clip that was eventually replaced by my KeySmart. With my keys I kept a USB flash-drive that made its way to the KeySmart, a Nite Ize DoohicKey QuicKey and a SOG key knife. The last two items are now on my small tool key-ring in my bag. You will see the first iteration of that key-ring set up next to my keys. It contained a Gerber STL 2.0, another flashdrive, a small light, a couple aluminum whistles, a Nite Ize DoohicKey, and a small key shaped tool similar to the Swiss Tech Utili-Key (that is now in my set up. If you would like to see the current set up it is here. There is also a black Armitron watch that is almost identical to the one I am currently wearing. Last but no least we have the UAG Iphone 6 case, which has been replaced by the Mous case you see in my other pictures.

In the middle of the table I had a standard Iphone charging cable and wall mount. The main knife here is a Smith & Wesson Special Tactical knife that now lives in my EDC bag. In this section we also have Chapstick and a Pilot Precise V5. I still carry Chapstick in my bag and those pens are occasionally used at my desk.

Lastly we have my bag and the items on it. I used a small black Outdoor Products backpack for over a year and just recently switched to a messenger bag. In the water bottle pocket you will see an old school Gatorade bottle. I still use this style. You will also see a pair of Batman sunglasses and a plain white cotton handkerchief that I still carry.

Well, that's where I came from. As you can tell a lot has changed, but overall I still kept the same thought process for the most part and have just tweaked what needed to change.

Examples of similar items in this picture:


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