ThruNite T10 V2

Product Description:

Brand: ThruNite

Length: 3.4"

Weight: 1.4oz

Material: Aluminum

Waterproof: IPX-8

Modes (Lumens/Runtime): Firefly (0.5 Lm/49 days), Low (5 Lm/2.1 days), High (180 Lm/95 minutes), Strobe (180 Lm/200 minutes)

Control: Side Button

Light Source: Cree XP-G2 LED

Power Source: 1x AA

Pocket Clip: Yes, Reversible

Additional Features: Lanyard Ring, Magnetic Tailcap

Price: ~$20



There are quite a few features that I really like about this light. One thing is that I really like the modes that are offered. I will admit that it took a little bit to get used to the navigation but as soon as I did it became natural. These four modes are at the maximum of what I want access to, especially the strobe and firefly modes. I also prefer flashlights like this that run off of AA or AAA batteries due to the convenience of not having to buy and store specialized batteries. The construction and size of the T10 are very satisfying to me. I that it is small enough to easily EDC but not so small as to feel under-powered. It feels comfortable in my hand largely due to the weight. This feels like a really solid tool. I am at the point where I almost demand a reversible clip on a flashlight; which is a pretty common thing on most EDC lights. So I really enjoy being able to flip this pocket clip around. The last thing I want to mention (the magnetic tail cap) is kind of a double edged sword so I will actually touch on this area at the beginning of the negative section. First and foremost, I like the ability to attach my flashlight to a metal surface. I have also gotten used to having the switch on the side of the body, and am even coming around to the design of the actual button being a small metal circle instead of a rubber button like I am used to. That being said, lets move to the next section.


While I do not have a terrible amount to complain about there are a few areas I want to cover. The first feature is the location of the switch and the magnetic tail cap. Like I said earlier, I am coming around for the most part on these issues, but I have noticed some problems. First, I have worried about the light coming on in my pocket due to the switch location. Luckily, this has only happened once, but I still keep a close watch on this as a result. Secondly, because the switch is no longer on the tail it makes the activation of the light less natural in an overhand nature where your thumb is located at the tail of the flashlight. The last issue I have with this design is that as with any magnet there is the chance of it attracting things that are unwanted. Of course, the magnet is not ridiculously strong so you don't have to worry about something coming flying across the room but I have noticed things attach if I did not pay attention enough to avoid the proximity. Now that we have covered that there is only one other issue I want to cover. I would prefer for the pocket clip to be a little bit tighter as there is a significant gap between the end of the clip and the body. This has not been a problem so far, but I worry about it potentially snagging things and potentially coming out of my pocket.

General Thoughts:

This has become my go to light and I will probably go back to it as my default once I am done testing other items. I actually ordered this before Thanksgiving but was unable to pick it up until after Black Friday due to being out of town so it kind of got lumped into my gear haul for that week but it has stood out. Aside from the small issues I am still getting over I really enjoy carrying this light and look forward to testing out more of the ThruNite family. At the time of this writing they are currently out of stock but are available for order through the ThruNite website and will ship when they come back in stock.

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