Titanium Pry Bar

This is going to be a bit of a shorter post as there really just is not a ton to say here. I picked this up on Etsy a while back as I was wondering if a pry tool was something that I wanted to carry at all. I do currently carry a Griffin Pocket Tool on my keys and have had other similar products but not a dedicated pry tool for my pocket carry. Today I am looking at the first titanium pry bar that I picked up.

Product Description:

Brand: CaltiWallets

Length: 140 mm (5.5“)

Width: 15 mm (0.6“)

Thickness: 6 mm (0.24“)

Weight: 50 g (oz)

Material: Titanium

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Paracord Lanyard

Price: ~$20




This pry bar is very comfortable in your hands and gives you a really solid grip during use. It fills your palm so you know that you always have the leverage you need. In addition to the length, the thickness also means that you, don't have to worry about ti flexing when you put some force behind it. The lanyard that comes attached is a really nice touch, especially as I think this tool will find its way into a bag or organizer rather than pockets most of the time. This little attention to detail is very nice and helpful as it gives you more to grab onto when retrieving it. I also like being able to support a small maker in pretty much any situation.


While I definitely think that the size is a big bonus when it comes to actually using it, it also means that it is not quite as portable. This pry bar can definitely fit in my pocket but it just sits at the bottom. If I was a fan of pocket organizers then it could be a good match but that simply isn't the case. I think that a simple pocket clip would be a great addition but this would naturally interrupt the design of the tool.


As I said I normally carry a Griffin Pocket Tool on my keys anyways, so I don't really have a massive need for a dedicated pry bar but I decided to pick up a few recently and I find that they are a nice addition, especially if they are titanium and don't really add much bulk. Is a pry tool a good addition for everyone's carry, absolutely not, but it can be a really handy tool when you need it.


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