Victorinox Classic SD

Product Description:

Brand: Victorinox

Blade Length: 1.5"

Closed Length: 2.3"

Overall Length: 3.8"

Weight: 0.7oz

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Cellidor

Blade Design: Drop Point

Locking: No

Opening Mechanism: Manual Thumb Indention

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Tools: Scissors, Nail File, Flat-Head Driver, Toothpick, Tweezers, Key-Ring

Price: ~$16


Pros:For the most part everyone knows about this knife. A lot of people have had the classic Swiss Army Knife in one form or another throughout their lives. The Classic features a very simplistic design that offers just enough variety to get the job done. While the tools are obviously small, for the most part they perfectly fit a lot of the tasks you might throw at them. I love having a small pair of scissors for minor cuts that I need to make. Cutting string or line is just easier with scissors over a blade by just enough. Another big plus in my book is the small file. While I do not care a ton about the look of my nails other than keeping them trimmed, there are plenty of times when I snag one and it cracks. In those cases a small file is a great addition as it helps me get the nail back into place. Lastly, the small tweezers are a nice addition, I can pick out a splinter with other objects, but tweezers are simply the easiest way.

Cons:There really isn't a lot to cover here other than the small size. While that definitely adds some advantages, it also causes some disadvantages. First, the small size means that the blade is simply to small for me to rely on for my main knife. This means that I would relegate the classic to a utility role such as opening boxes and mail, however, I like carrying utility blades for that purpose. In addition, like other Victorinox tools, the classic does not feature a pocket clip which means it either needs to be attached to something using the key-ring or rest loose in your pocket, neither of which I prefer. I understand that a pocket clip would not fit this design and I can appreciate that, I just need to point out that dilemma.

Conclusion:Overall, the Victorinox Classic lives up to its name. While I don't see myself relying on this knife as a mainstay of my EDC it is nice to be able to occasionally throw it in the rotation. In addition it is just nice to have one again after going for years without one since loosing my last one.


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