Wootz EDC Knife

I backed the Wootz on Kickstarter last year and after a six month delay in production it financially came in earlier this year. After testing it out, it is finally ready for a review. Also, I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

Product Description:

Brand: Wootz Design

Blade Length: 5.5 cm

Closed Length: 8 cm

Overall Length: 14 cm

Weight: 70 g

Blade Thickness: 2.3 mm

Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Wood, G10, Carbon Fiber

Grind: Flat

Blade Design: Drop Point or Tanto

Locking: Yes, Liner-Lock (also in a non-locking EU friendly version)

Opening Mechanism: Thumb Stud (nail nick on EU friendly version)

Pocket Clip: Yes, Tip Up

Additional Features: Bottle Opener

Price: ~$35




The Wootz has a very simple and lightweight design. The blade came extremely sharp and has maintained a decent edge with use. I also really like the frame lock that is used. I tend to have mixed feelings about frame locks, they tend to be stronger than liner locks but sometimes interrupt the design flow. However, the Wootz integrates the lock in stride. If you are in the mood for different options then the Wootz is a great starting point as it offers a variety of choices from handle material to blade shape and color. The Wootz also comes in certain specific versions that make it legal to carry in other countries which is a great bonus as they are attempting to reach a wider audience.


I have one major problem with the design of the Wootz. As much as I like the design, the pocket clip is almost useless because it places the blade up against your pocket. The very first time I carried this knife I sliced a hole in my pocket when trying to remove the knife. Since then it has made me wary of carrying it. I am still trying to find a better solution for integrating the Wootz into my carry or at least another use such as a camp bag. Another hing to point out is that some of the versions are currently marked as out of stock while many others are low stock at this point. They are fresh off of their Kickstarter so hopefully they will get back on their feet.


After waiting on a six month delay after the Kickstarter I was really excited to test out this knife. Unfortunately, I just have not found a good way to carry it in my daily carry. Of course I saw this could be a potential problem but I hoped it would prove to be workable. I hope to find a way to integrate the Wootz into my life.


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