Worker V2

Today I have another pry tool for us to look at. This is the Worker V2 from Qerim. I picked it up during their Kickstarter and have gotten to really put it to the test so far. I know that I have reviewed several pry tools lately but don't worry I am actually nearing the end of my current stash.

Product Description:

Brand: 37Qerim

Length: 75 mm (2 15/16“)

Width: 19 mm (3/4“)

Thickness: 3 mm (1/8“)

Weight: 15 g (0.5oz)

Material: Titanium

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Bottle Opener, Nail Puller, Key-Ring

Price: ~$40



There are a couple of really simple things that I like about the Worker V2. The best asset is the nail puller functionality. There is a split int the pry tip and an rain drop hole just behind. I do a lot of projects around the house and sometimes I don't feel like grabbing all of my larger tools if I think it is a small enough task to avoid it. In these cases I tend to grab pocket tools as I need them just to avoid going back outside. While I have several other pry tools the Worker V2 is the only one that has both of these nail pulling options. It makes it incredibly easy to remove any stubborn nails from the wall. Enough of that. I also really like the look of the finish. It appears very sleek while still wanting to live up to its namesake.


There are a couple of small things I wish were different. First and foremost, while I like the look of the titanium it is s bit to smooth in my hand. I just wish there was a little bit more grip so that I could get the proper leverage. Similarly, I would have liked the pry bar to be a little bit longer. For the record, 37Qerim does make other longer versions which could be a solid option. I think I have just been swapping out pry bars so much lately and carried several that were a tad longer. My last complaint is that the pry bar comes with a key-ring attached. It isn't your standard split-ring but has to be pulled apart. I wish this was not on here from the start. I will probably remove it as I do not plan on carrying it on my keys and the ring rattles.


Overall, the Worker V2 has some features that could definitely be emulated by other makers. I also think that it could make a great key-chain tool for some people just not me. Even though this isn't my favorite pry tool I bet that it will make it into my rotation often enough.


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