Zebra F-701

Product Description:

Brand: Zebra

Weight: .32oz

Length: 5.25"

Body Material: Stainless Steel, Some Plastic

Pocket Clip: Yes

Price: ~$7



This is a very affordable pen. For a ball point pen it writes very smoothly, a lot of people choose to replace the ink refill with a fisher space pen refill, but I actually prefer the default refill. The clicker feels solid. This one has plastic on the inside of the clicking mechanism which prompts many people to do a modification, however I have found that you risk damaging the pens when doing this. The pen feels fantastic in your hand when writing. The weight is a big contributor to this along with the texture at the bottom of the barrel.


Occasionally the pen clip will hook on my keys as I pull them out. This is not super common and I try to be careful knowing this can happen. While I am content with the plastic elements of this pen there really doesn't seem to be a reason not to make it fully metal, especially when the common modification uses a metal clicker from another Zebra pen.

General Thoughts:

I really like this pen and carry it with me most days. Occasionally I will change it out with another pen, typically with one of the pens in the last picture. This is a great option for people who first and foremost want a good, solid, and reliable pen without spending a ridiculous amount of money on something they might lose easily. Secondly, for those who want a tactical pen without being overly tactical, this is a great option for a last ditch effort at self defense. Just a little bit of background, I always carried a mechanical pen throughout my school years and once I graduated I stopped carrying a writing utensil at all for a few months, especially once I transitioned to a desk job where I always had one available. However, I started carrying a pen so that any time I am out and need to take notes, or more commonly sign something, I can pull out my own pen instead of one that countless people have touched. Because I was already deciding to carry a pen I figured I would prefer to carry something that felt sturdy so that yes it could be used in self defense but honestly so that I would feel more comfortable with it and notice its absence faster.

I have noticed the price fluctuate a few dollars but always raise back up to the just over $7 range so just keep an eye out for a good deal.


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