Zebra X-701

Product Description:

Brand: Zebra

Weight: 0.8oz

Length: 5.25"

Body Material: Stainless Steel, Coated in Matte Black

Opening Mechanism: Clicker

Pocket Clip: Yes

Point Size: 0.7mm

Price: ~$15




Well, I'm already a big fan of Zebra products and this isn't any different. First and foremost I really like the metal body. I also really like the texture at the bottom of the pen where your fingers will be positioned. For those of you like myself who like pressurized ink this is another great option.


Despite the following flaws, I do like this pen and have been carrying it almost exclusively the past two weeks since I picked it up. I have a couple issues with this pen. First and foremost, the clip needs a redesign. I dislike pens that have the clip wrap around part of the pen before fully extending. This gives you the impression of a longer clip, but when you go to use it you notice you only have about two thirds of the clip available. This has caused the pen to fall into my pocket numerous times, which defeats the purpose of a pocket clip. While I like the matte black look, I have noticed it starting to wear off on a few spots where the pen has come into contact with other items. Of course this is going to happen over time, but I noticed it starting withing the first day. My last complaint is the clicker mechanism. I don't understand why Zebra makes an almost all metal pen, this is similar to the problem most people have had with the first generation F-701s (I do plan on getting a new one now that they have replaced the small plastic ring on the end).

General Thoughts:

It actually took me a while to find this pen. I had seen references to it for a while but I could never find anywhere that had any stock including the Zebra website. Then I finally found some at a local Office Depot and grabbed one. For anyone that cares, you will notice a small lanyard hole near the clicker. I personally can never see myself using that function but someone else might. I do also want to point out that this pen feels deceivingly light in your hand. For such a large metal pen it feels like nothing. I thought about including that in my cons because I like a heftier pen, but I chose not to because I figured that in some ways the lightness was beneficial.

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