ZF-P1 Topo

Hello all, I apologize for missing Wednesday, I was out sick all day which is no fun. Anyways, I have the ZF-P1 from ZeroFeud today which will probably be he last pry bar for the forseeable future. Also, make sure to check them out as they make some really interesting gear. This specific tool was purchased through Carry Commission where you can find some sweet gear, once things start coming back into stock.

Product Description:

Brand: Zerofued

Length: 76 mm (3“)

Width: 19 mm (0.75“)

Thickness: 5 mm (0.17“)

Weight: 40 g (1.4oz)

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Pocket Clip: No

Additional Features: Bottle Opener, Hex Slot, Lanyard Loop

Price: ~$55




The ZF-P1 is solid, the stainless steel construction paired with the thickness means that you don't have to worry about structural integrity. It is going to get the job done. The bottle opener/ hex slot is well designed for the most part and can serve well as a driver in a pinch. For whatever reason I am really fond of pry bars that have a textured slope to their tip. It doesn't really do anything extra, it just honestly feels nice in my hand, just as the topographical design is pleasing to the eye. The tip comes down to a very fine point making it easy to get under a tough lip or fit into a very small slot as in improvised flat head. This makes it easy to stick the corner under something like a staple or nail and get enough room to shift the hole tool. While I have some problems with the hex slot that I will discuss below, I like that the angles are rounded. Most of the time this helps catch the bit and avoid stripping the slot.


While the hex driver is a nice thought, there is nothing that keeps the bit in the slot except for your finger. There is no tapering, or lip that will secure it. I have tested it some and hope that I don't end up really needing to use this feature. I also find that due to how I hold the pry bar my index finger comes into contact with the point of the lifter and this creates a hot spot. I will also point out that the weight is noticeable. Obviously this comes as no shock but it does feel hefty in your hand. While this makes it feel tough it also means that your more than likely are not going to hang this on a key-ring. Lastly, I wish that the body bar was maybe an inch longer. Yes this would increase the weight and cost but I feel like it would be a more well rounded tool at that point. At this point I can get a couple of fingers securely on it but I don't want to push it to far on something that is really stubborn. For the most part it gets the job done, it would just be nice to have the extra leverage.


Overall, I think I have gotten spoiled with lightweight titanium pry bars lately, but this is still a well designed tool. I think that if the hex slot was redesigned it would make this tool noticeably better, and alleviate most of my actual complaints. It is definitely a solid option if you can find it in stock. They have only made a few runs of this but I wouldn't be surprised if it makes a comeback. It's probably a little bit pricey for most people including myself, I think I hit a bit of FOMO with the topo pattern and really just wanted it.


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